bi component rebreather oxygen mask mold

two component oxygen masks
2k gas mask mold

Focare Mould, China top two color mold maker, quality offer dual injection breathing indicator masks, multiple shot breathing oxygen mask mold, twin material oxygen respirator mold, bi component rebreather oxygen mask mold.

The activities of inspection and testing of the moulds built by Focare have become strategic for the company’s core business. It is not just a question of quality, operation and efficiency of the mould; rather, to fully grow the exclusive ability to add value to the services offered by Focare. The understanding of multi component mold structure within Focare guarantees those high-level requirements of efficiency and precision that only a few competitors on the market can offer. Each manufacturing order becomes a reason for pride and reference for Focare, because it is started, met and led to completion with the highest of quality standards that represent the company’s excellence.

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