multi shot mix drinks water jug


multi shot mix drinks water jug

Focare Mould, China top multi component mold maker, quality offer co injection mix drinks water jug, covered plastic pitcher 2 colour, double colour plastic measuring jug mold, two tone pour pitcher with lid.

Here at Focare mold & engineering, we’re in a unique position to help with part and tool design, mold manufacturing, and actual plastic injection production. Many defects for exmaple sink marks have root causes in the mold itself and the part being made. Sometimes the best solution is tooling and part prototyping with a vendor to make a better part that avoids this defect and others.

At Focare Mold, we have a long history of helping specific industries meet their needs and the production volume and flexibility for consumer products. If you need an experienced manufacturer and tool designer dedicated to your industry’s needs, if you’re still looking for the good bicolors mold maker in China or the reliable molder, I’m sure we can be your another good choice.


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