bi injection iced tumbler mold


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When it comes to converting a metal part into a plastic part, there are quite a few advantages to be had:

  • Weight: Plastics are significantly lighter than machined or cast parts
  • Cost: Plastics are cheaper to use than metals
  • Corrosion: Unlike metals, corrosion isn’t a factor, especially important for medical and food-safe parts.
  • Design: With molded plastics, you have more design freedom than with machined metal.
  • Multi-Material: The ability to fuse several plastics together in a single part through overmolding, such as creating a soft seal with a rigid center.
  • Throughput: Plastic parts also have a faster production cycle than metal parts

Want to learn more about metal-to-plastic conversions and if the process is right for you? Contact Focare Mould. With decades years in the injection mold making business, including in-house mold design and manufacturing, we can provide you with all the tools to help decide if it is right for your part.

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