two color planting container mold


Focare Mould, China top dual colour mold maker, quality offer bi injection flower tubs, multi shot plant pot mold, twin material plastic nursery pot mold, two tone planting container!

When you work with us, we can help you create a product that is high quality and production-friendly. You’ll be able to design a part in collaboration with us that will help you:

  • use the right plastic
  • develop a cost effective part
  • create a machine-friendly design

Furthermore, you’ll be able to collaborate with us using our design tools. With tools like this that can simulate injection molding, we will be able to spot potential flaws in the design before production. At Focare, not only are we knowledgeable of all the requirements of creating a quality part prototype, but we also have the equipment necessary to make the bi molds and execute mass production.

If you’re still looking for the good two component mold maker in China, we can be your another good choice!


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