two color bottle n straw cleaner brush kit


Focare Mould, China top double component mold maker, quality offer multiple color drinking straw cleaner brush kit, twin shot bottle water brush mold, two tone bottle washing brush mold!

At Focare, we are proud to be a part of developing the innovations, like In‑mold assembly in multi injection molding, that power our future. IMA has many benefits, such as:

  • Eliminates work-in-progress inventories.
  • Reduces the need for separate presses and molds.
  • Reduces labor and floor space requirements.
  • Improves registration or alignment of a part for assembly.
  • Reduces the total time to produce an assembly.
  • Allows production of parts with features that would be cost-prohibitive or impossible to produce by conventional assembly process.
  • IMA eliminates the need for conveyors, bowl feeders, fixtures and ultrasonic welders. It removes potential sources of scrap parts caused by mishandling, misalignment, process variations or contamination.

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