non spill multi shot replacement bottle caps mold

China two color 5 gallon cap mold

Focare Mould, China top bicolor mold maker, quality offer multi shot 5 gallon water bottle cap mold, double material water jug closure mold, rotary mold non spill replacement bottle cap!

Focare Mould has years of experience determining the correct type of mold to build for your parts requirements. Our engineering group considers all aspects of the mold build, including part design, mounting systems, specific mold action activity including cams, lifters and custom ejection systems, resin used and specific customer requirements. After careful consideration of your project requirements, our team can recommend the proper mold for the job.

Contact us for full service mold building of any type of multi injection mold. We have the engineering technology, and the experience to build a quality mold, which is the key to quality parts!


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