bi material 5 gallon closure mold

2 component 5 gallon closure mold

bi material 5 gallon cap mold

Focare Mould, China precision mold maker, quality offer water bottle cap mold, bi material 5 gallon closure mold, TPE sealing bottle lids, non spill caps two color design, 2k plastic jar lid!

Bump-off caps and molds technology produces plastic caps and lids, or any plastic part, with internal undercuts requiring the need of a mechanical push to eject the part from the core. Bump-off mold designs concentrate on achieving the best cooling possible through the use of multiple inserts, and specialized materials (beryllium copper) .

A stack mold format for bump-off closures such as 5 gallon caps, rather than single face mold design will improve the economics of this kind of mold. Focare offers part design services providing advise in light weighting the part while maintaining excellent performance of the mold.

We Focare also offer you the bi material molding system for 5 gallon caps & closures! Offer you the Turnkey molding solution + the safety labeling on cap!

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