two color washing basin folded


Focare Mould, China top two injection mold maker, quality offer pp tpe washing basin, two color plastic basin foldable, 2 component water basin, double mold bath basin, 2k mold wash basin !

We are very pleased to have the multi shot molds running at several booths of top tier machinery manufacturers recent years, for example FCS, Yizumi, Hwamda, Bole machine suppliers, etc.

Machinery makers turn to we Focare to showcase their equipment because of their confidence in Focare’s ability to design and manufacture precision, high quality multi component molds.

It’s very important for us to have a strong presence and spend time meeting with our valued customers as well as building new relationships. We are proud of bringing high performance molds and in recent shows now being able to run examples of our multi injection technologies, always with high productivity applications.

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good multi injection mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


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