pediatric mask oxygen 2 colour

Focare Mould, China top double materials mold maker, quality offer injection mold for multi shot pediatric breathing mask, dual color aerosol face mask, pediatric mask oxygen 2 colour, 2 component neonatal nebuliser mask!

We Focare has been responding to market demands for high quality injection molds for medical applications, especially multi shot medical molds! In many cases, these components are very intricate requiring complex mold ejection sequences or designs!

Thanks to the leadership of our Taiwanese boss, and with years of growth in two-color mold making experiences, we now fully implement which is also our basic policy: To make the mold durable and simply maintenance!

And some of the most important advantages that you’ll receive from us:

  • innovation mold configuration for medical molds
  • mostly shorten lead times
  • immediate feedback to customers of possible design difficulties
  • optimal mold size and cavitation that fit a particular injection machine
  • faster customer response and mold deliveries

If you’re still looking for the good double component medical mold maker in China, then I’m sure we can be your another good choice!


Your good choice to have the quality mold in China!