two materials tracheostomy oxygen mask

Focare Mould, China top dual material mold maker, offer two materials tracheostomy mask mold, bi shot trach mask, multi colored trach mask, plastic double mold tracheostomy oxygen mask!

The new design of tracheostomy mask is high quality, lightweight mask with a quick release elastic for ease of use!

  • Transparent, rigid shell maintains mask shape and provides a clear view!

2k trach mask mold

  • A soft seal provides an improved level of comfort!

bimaterial trach mask mold

  • Elastic is adjusted by tightening!

2 component tracheostomy mask mold

  • The quick release elastic system ensures that the adult tracheostomy maskcan be removed and refitted easily, simplifying hygiene procedures!

multi colored tracheostomy mask

  • The clear 22mm connector swivels and rotates through 360° ensuring optimum position for flextube!

co injection trach mask mold

  • And it can be used with nebulisers and humidifier nebuliser!
  • Comfortable for the patient 60% lighter!
  • Comfortable for the environment 82% less impact!

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