bi materials mold eye washer


Focare Mould, China top dual injection mold maker, quality offer two color eye washer, eye bath 2 component mold, bi material eye wash, plastic double mold eye syringe, 2k eyewash!

Well as we know, the traditional eye washer is made by completely polypropylene, and because of its material’s specification, we may found it is not so comfortable when using!

To get even more comfortable, now we use PP+TPE raw materials, by two color rotary molding to have the double colored eye wash!

The part that directly contacts the user’s eyes is changed to TPE plastic. And because it has soft elasticity, it not only ensures the user’s comfort using, but also better contacts with the eyes, so that the eye wash liquid is better in a closed inside the container, no leakage!

We Focare, has successfully custom made two color medical molds, for example 2k oxygen mask mold for India & Saudi Arabia customer, 2k guedel airways mold!

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