dustpan bi material mold design


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In our daily life, we may often encounter that our dustpan cannot clean the ground perfectly, especially the dust! At this time we will find that it is because the edge of the dustpan has been warped and deformed! Headache!

In addition, after we clean our hairs, we will always find a pile of hair pulled on the broom, which is very difficult to clean! Headache again !

But now with this dustpan, the above headaches will be gone!

We’ve designed TPE on the edge of the dustpan, and because TPE is a kind of soft elastomer, so it can fit very well with the ground, to clean out the dust! Also on the upper edge of the dustpan, we also designed the protrusions of TPE, we can use these protrusions to separate the hair from the broom after we clean the hairs! Very easy, no need to strip your hair by hand later!

We Focare always look from the perspective of customers, the same as 2k part design and 2k mold making! A the very early stage, we have foreseen many problems that customers will encounter during his future production! Therefore, we have fully considered these during the design, to avoid the future mold modification, to save the great time and money!

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