2k collection box mold


Focare Mould, China top bi injection mold maker, offer plastic lid two color mold design for organize box, bi materials collection bin clip, 2 component plastic wheels for finishing box with quality and delivery!

Storage plays an important role in our daily lives, so the organize box, storage boxes have occupied a lot space in our lives, and they can be seen everywhere! However, for such a long time, they have been a single coloring, which makes people gradually have aesthetic fatigue!

So the producers who catch the business opportunity start to focus on the two-color storage boxes. They try their best to make the boxes more attractive in appearance, for example, 2k lid, bi material top handles, 2 component clips and the wheels in two color mold design!

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Just tell us your idea, then we’ll be able to offer you the 2k product design, as we have a very good team equipped with the ability to do the reverse design & forward design!

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We insist on the mold construction design & steel quality, and believe these two factors are the key to achieve molds with excellent performance! So we guarantee you to have a quality mold at the very beginning!

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