PVC bend mold China supply

China PVC molds
China PVC molds
elbow mold PVC
elbow mold PVC

New PVC molds project, please contact with me, we Focare Mould famous supply quality pipe fittings mold.

  • Unique fitting mold design,
  • greatly save time to do the mold modification time and time again, fast delivery
  • Standard mold base custom, ensure fitting mold‘s accuracy
  • Maximum wear plates add on places worn easily,
  • guarantee easy maintenance, also prolong PVC molds’ life time.
  • Branded spare parts import from Japan/ Taiwan,
  • e.g. Jufan cylinder from Taiwan

Our molds are alive, beautiful and durable.

We’re sincere to start long term cooperation with you.

Care your mold, your business developing.





Your good choice to have the quality mold in China!