collapsible core PVC bend molds

reducing bend mold
reducing bend mold

We’re one mold company located in Huangyan, manufacture all types of pipe fitting molds ,PVC industrial valve & fittings mold, PPR mold water supply, etc.

Our factory is young, but group team of us is great.

Great responsibility and mentality lead by Taiwan boss; precision mold making controlled by experience engineer from Guangdong; unique mold structure, each engineer focus on fitting mold design drawing.

In additionally, compared to those big company, we’re more flexible. No matter speed of quotation, mold delivery, after services problem solving. For our side, no need to proceed to so many superiors. Directly find the key person responsible, just solve it speedy.

We’re sincere to cooperate with you.

If you don’t mind, please give me a chance to serve you,

and give yourself a chance to get a good pipe fitting mold with competitive cost.


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