Husky standard PET preform molds China

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PET molds china

We make complete mold & cold half for HYPET ,G-LINE of HUSKY machine before.

We have rich experience make PET molds for HUSKY customer.

Our PET molds advantages:

1. mold base: 4CR13 STAINLESS STEEL with HRC35-40

2. core/cavity/neck: ASSAB STAVAX S136 with HRC47-51 high grade steel.

3. hot runner system

1) heating element: HOTSET Germany

2) nozzle/insulation pad/pin valve: same with HUSKY

3) special polish for melt channel without sharp edge

4) minimize AA level and IV drop

5) well balance material flow channel design, it can assure that it is same distance from the nozzle to all cavity

6) less heating time of the mold and saving consumption energy

uniform heat distribution

7) all stack parts with high quality with best material and high advance equipment processing machine.

8) neck with specially cooling system.

9) Guarantee time 5 million shots.

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